PLL Player, Matt Gaudet, Has His Finger Bitten Off During Hotel Fight

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Most of you are probably sitting around watching game 7 of the Mavericks and Clippers. So I’ll make this quick. PLL player Matt Gaudet got into a fight in a hotel lobby last night and had the tip of his finger bitten off. Yup. All of that is real information. And here’s the video of the aftermath.

The PLL has already sent out a statement that both players have been suspended for the altercation.

Hot seat hockey players. Is the term hockey tough officially gone for lacrosse tough? We need to have the conversation. He was so casual about it. Seemed like it was maybe the 5th on his mind at the time. And three of the first four were foods. No care in the world. I’m looking on Twitter for the video of the fight with no luck yet. But I’m determined to find it.

Happy Sunday

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