Turns Out Trae Young Has A Hot And Normal Long Term Girlfriend

Trae Young has spent the past 2 weeks introducing himself to a national audience and to Knicks fans specifically while becoming one of the best villains of the NBA playoffs so far, maybe only second to the conglomerate of all fans in general. Anyone familiarizing themselves with Trae Young may also initially notice his signature hard candy under the couch look.

While it was hard for me to imagine a seemingly well intentioned and drop dead gorgeous non influencer volunteering for a job only the Suns bubble girl is qualified for, I was surprised to learn Trae Young does actually have a stunning girlfriend.

Maybe I’m just not as good as my job as I may think, but I had no idea Trae Young had a girlfriend, let alone a girlfriend of at least 4 years, from college at Oklahoma. A Sooners cheerleader nonetheless.

I guess it makes sense why Trae’s give a fuck meter is at an all time low. Bodybagged Spike Lee, stepped all over Knicks fans dreams and going home every night to make Tik Tok’s with his hot girlfriend. Life is good for Trae Young.

Let’s see if he can stay focused with pics like this dropping right in the middle of the playoffs:

Honestly not sure how she could resist.


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