Johnny Manziel Explaining He Got Paid In College

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You think getting NCAA athletes getting money under the table is easy? $0.30 an autograph is a grind @bussinwtb

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People hate Johnny Football and I’ll never understand why. Because he went to the NFL and flopped? Because he liked to have a good time? Why? Of all the guys I’ve had the opportunity to watch play college football. And I mean really watch. Not one of these guys that was in college when you were just in elementary school. I mean a guy you watched play and understood the game. Of all those guys Johnny Football was hands down the most fun college football player I’ve ever seen. Every Saturday was like watching a backyard football game but at Kyle Field. It was insane.

But still people don’t like him and I imagine after they see this they won’t even more. Here we have Johnny Football breaking down him committing a major NCAA violation. Now is it right? Probably not, not supposed to break the rules and take money during college. The NCAA could definitely take away Texas A&M wins and his stats and all that. I can’t imagine they would but it’s the NCAA, they are the worst group of humans ever assembled.

But my issue isn’t Johnny Football admitting to taking money, my issue is that it’s not allowed. I get not wanting universities to pay to get student athletes. That’s an entirely different conversation. But not letting players sign autographs and get paid for it makes no sense. Any person at any point and time should be able to sell their likeness. It’s theirs, how can the NCAA have the authority to stop that?

They’re the worst. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this. Once again I don’t think the NCAA will do anything but crazier things have happened.

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