This Brooklyn Nets Championship Run Will Unite The Whole World, According To Kyrie Irving

In a time anchored by uncertainty, a struggle for equality, fight for racial justice, a dire but lingering hope to persist in the face of a global health pandemic, the world finally got what it truly needs: the Brooklyn Nets.

Now if this was soccer (futbol) Kyrie might have a point. Basketball isn’t even the biggest sport in this country, and the Nets aren’t even the most important team in their own city.

The only uniting the Nets are doing is uniting everyone against them so I guess Kyrie may technically be correct in his assessment of the Nets “championship run”. I actually don’t think you can even call it a “championship run” until the Conference Finals. Beating the patchwork Celtics without Jaylen Brown or Kemba Walker is not exactly an inspirational start to the DVD let alone world peace.

If any group of men can bring people with different backgrounds, burner accounts, and lucite stilettos together it’s the big 3 of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden. Some of the most well respected and prophetic voices of our generation. Never forget James Harden’s powerful statement on the storming of the US Capitol.

The one thing I did not account for in Kyrie’s proclamation is perhaps this is just a hidden announcement of a new shoe release. The only thing that will bring more world unity than a Brooklyn Nets championship run is the Snkrs app.


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