The Top 5 Songs To Dance To At Weddings


It’s Wedding season ladies and gents! This weekend I’ll be heading to my first wedding in about a year and COVID won’t be holding us back at all.

So what better way to get into the wedding spirit than to list the top five songs to dance to at a wedding. I’m gonna try to stay away from the cliche songs as much as I can but I’m only human. So put on your dancing shoes and lets get to it…

5. Jagged Edge- Let’s Get Married

We’re starting off strong here as this song could easily be higher up on the list but there’s just some other songs more deserving. This song fucking slaps, regardless if you’re at a wedding or not its absolutely electric. Honestly, I might start a petition to make this the opening song for every wedding ever. You can just vibe this whole song and then just go hard as shit when Rev Runs rap part comes on. You can bet your ass I’ll be out on the dance floor as soon as I hear the first note of this song.

4. Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I mean this is just a must have at any wedding, it’s an instant classic. This is that song that you’re sitting there after eating the meal at dinner chatting up at the table and your date hears the first note and lets out a little scream and grabs your hand to pull you out on the floor. Also, pro wedding tip to all you newbies out there…If you didn’t bring a date to the wedding but see a cute girl or guy this is the perfect song to ask them to dance with you. My go to here is usually the lasso move, don’t be afraid to use that tie fellas.

3. Usher- Yeah!

Personally, this is my all time favorite song to dance to and honestly it took a lot for me not to put this number one on my list. This song is universally loved by most I would like to think and is just an all time banger. Our guys Usher, Lil John, and Ludacris didn’t have to go this hard for us but they did. Also there is only one way to dance to this song and if you don’t know it already well then let me just show you how ill be looking out on the dance floor Saturday night…(Hint I’m Kevin James)

2. Zedd- Clarity

I’m not sure if there’s a better song to wind down the night to then this one. I feel like this typically plays towards the end of the night when you’re absoluley smashed but you’ve got that last bit of energy to just go hard as shit for this one. The DJ plays this because he knows everyone is about to go wild one last time before he slows it down to end the night. Another banger that is a must have at any wedding.

1. The Isley Brothers-Shout!

Come on did you expect anything else to be the number one song on this list. Before you say “Walsh your so cliche blah blah blah.” Shut up and stop lying to yourself because we all know this is the ultimate wedding song. This is the song that gets literally everyone and their mother out on the dance floor. Grandma who is 87 years old and has had two hip replacements is still going to be out on the dance floor breaking it down when she hears Shout come on. It’s an absolute classic and couldn’t be anywhere but number one on the list.

Anyway, to my friends that are getting married this weekend first off congratulations I love you guys. Second, if I don’t hear at least 4 out of the 5 songs on this list were gonna have some problems.

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