Danny Ainge Is Out, Brad Stevens “Promoted”

What an insane last hour for the Celtics. The Nets put the nail in the coffin last night and today they announce Ainge is stepping down but also Brad Stevens is replacing him! I said last night on Drunk Off PNR (click here to listen) that if the Celtics move on from one of those two guys this off-season I prefer it be Ainge. I think a lot of things went wrong this year but I felt that Stevens was still a good coach and if a change needed to be made Danny felt like the one who should go. I never expected this.

Initial thoughts. With Danny being replaced there is the fear that the next guy would trade one of the Jays. That fear is 80% gone with Brad as the new GM. I do think after hiring a coach Stevens first move will be to trade Kemba, Smart or both. A massive choice to make as your first decision in making this roster better.

My next thought is, naturally, who is the new coach? Jason Kidd and Lloyd Pierces names are getting thrown out there early. Hate that. People are talking about Scott Brooks being the guy. Hate that.

My guess would be Brad is going to look at his staff for a replacement first. Than either look at a former NBA player; Sam Cassell comes to mind or a guy like Caron Butler who’s on the Heat bench. Tim Duncan or Becky Hammon, whoever isn’t going to replace Pop in SA. If both of those come up short he’s looking college. College coaches in the NBA scare me.

I want both Jays very heavily involved with coaching and roster decisions this offseason. Let the future of this team help make this team their own.

I can’t believe this is how it ended but this really does feel like the perfect ending to Danny’s tenure.

Ps if you hire Brett Brown I’m becoming a Memphis fan. I don’t care.

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