Wells Fargo Center Going FULL Capacity Effective Next Sixers Home Game

The moment that we’ve all waited for!!

Given how NBA arenas have looked over the course of the playoffs, it was no surprise to see the Sixers going full capacity. It could not have come at a better time for the team as the playoffs start to take shape.

God willing, the home crowd at full capacity won’t be seeing the Sixers play another game at the Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers up 2-0 on the Wizards, can’t finish the series out with a sweep in DC this Memorial Day Weekend.

If the series does make its way back to Philly, I think it’s only right we give Russell Westbrook a standing ovation. This is coming from someone who HATES that guy. We are talking least favorite professional athlete of all time levels of despise.

But we can show the masses that we aren’t the assholes we’re made out to be. 99% do the right thing. We pay most of our taxes. One out of every 4 of us pays for HBO Max legally so we can watch Mare of Easttown. We’re good people, and Popcorn Guy ruined it. We can make up for that little blip on the radar if the series ends up back in Philly.

If this past week was what 11,000 (a little over half) sounded like, I can’t imagine what a full crowd is going to be like.

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