Two Games Back And Fans Already Can’t Act Right

Eddie 1

Last night, you might’ve seen it, this video went viral.

While most of us had a similar take of “This guy is an asshole” or “Philly trash” not everyone had that same thought process.

A quick “The Tweet has been deleted.” Always makes me chuckle.

I, like a majority of people, thought the best case scenario would’ve been to just let Russ go get the fan. Sadly, security was there to keep the popcorn dumper alive.

I do hate to say it but this guy did have amazing accuracy.

The Sixers today did exactly what they were supposed to do. They banned this dink not only from 76ers games but any event at Wells Fargo. This guy deserves it but I would be pissed if I just threw away season tickets so I could go viral for being an ass.

I saw some people calling for jail time, that seems excessive in this case. Not to be outdone however a Knicks fan might be going to jail.


A grown ass man, SPIT on another grown man while his back was turned. First, spitting on someone is weird. Second, Covid. Third, in what UNIVERSE is this okay? Guys lucky he didn’t spit on Russ, no amount of security guards would’ve saved him.

Just caught in absolute 4K. Crazy.

The Knicks took a little longer to put this out than Philly did but they also elude to the police getting involved. Fam, you spit on someone you should be buried under the jail.

At least Trae kinda took it in stride.

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