The Match Is Back But They Made One Huge Mistake

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The Match being a yearly thing in the middle of summer when baseball is slow is perfect. Little golf exhibition that us degenerates can bet on. And this year, July 6th it’s back baby. Brady vs Rodgers joined by Mickelson and DeChambeau.

Buuuuuuuut, like everything on this planet, nothing is perfect and the match is no different. I’m excited for Brady vs Rodgers, both are on camera guys that crush it live. Brady since going to Tampa has turned into the most fun guy in the world. And I’ll be the first to say it, glad that Bryson is in this too. He’s so annoying and a cry baby but you need a guy to root against. So glad he’s there.

But there is a huge miss here. Why not Brooks? I love Phil as much as the next guy. Every person on the planet that knows what golf is was rooting for him this past weekend. But if you want fireworks. If you want must watch tv. You want Brooks vs Bryson. I assume it could never happen because DeChambeau probably wouldn’t show. He’s basically the Rico Bosco of the golf world. But could you imagine, those two, mic’d up chirping at each other for 18. My god. Take my credit card, charge as much as you want.

I mean just by accident, Brooks gave us one of the most meme-able moments in internet history. That was only a 45 second clip, just imagine 18 holes of that.

Don’t want it, need it. Make it happen Capital One. Listen I’m a PNC guy, but you make this happen, I’ll close out my accounts tomorrow and open up 5 Capital One cards.

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