Pat Croce Once Fired His Own Brother For Stealing From Allen Iverson

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Pat Croce is ringing the bell tonight vs the Wizards and I couldn’t love it more. Guy was a legend, everyone loved him and remembers his crazy stories. Like the time he climbed the Walt Whitman bridge to hang a Sixers flag or the time he stole David Stern’s clock from his office when he met him and told him, he’d give it back when the Sixers won the finals. Wonder if he still has it?

As I was reading about what Croce has been up to recently, I saw a story that I don’t recall reading before.

SportsCasting: According to UPI, on April 3, 2001, Croce announced that his brother, John, had been dismissed as the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

So why did Philadelphia’s team president have to cut ties with one of his own family members?It turns out that John Croce had been caught on videotape stealing money from Iverson’s pants in the locker room.

“I found out about it the day Billy King [76ers general manager] showed me the video, the day we fired my brother,” Pat Croce told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Billy showed me the video. I said, ‘Call (John) in. Ask him pointed questions. Investigate this. If this is true, we’ll have to take immediate action.’”

WILD. I remember the story of his other brother, Vincent, stealing money from Blue Cross with fake invoices but not John stealing from Allen Iverson. An insane crime to commit when you think about just how big Allen Iverson was in 2001. He was the leader of the most adored team in Philly at the time. Maybe the most all time. Had they beaten the Lakers, everyone would have that squad at the top of the list. So to think you snag some cash from AI and get away with it makes no sense. Also, clearly your brother got you the job, don’t be a dick.

But whatever, tonight it’s all about the Sixers and their quest to beat the living shit out of the Wizards. -8 is a pretty big line but I don’t see why they can’t cover. this Washington team looks like they are in way over their heads. Add in the fact that the Sixers only had Joel for 10 minutes in the first half last game and I think we’ve got another blow out on our hands.

Let’s go Sixers

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