Betting The NBA Thursday Slate

On Monday did you take the Nuggets spread like I told you to? If you’re paying your mortgage off of the winnings from that pick or if you faded me and now need a pick to get back to even you’ve come to the right place.

A big part of sports betting is getting the best line. It’s even more important with the NBA. Rule of thumb with the NBA is don’t buy points. If the line is -5 get it at -5. Now we all would prefer if that -5 was a -4.5 but you should shop around instead of buying points. I’ve shopped around and found the absolute best betting odds for you.

Most books have the Bucks at -1.5 with a little looking around I found them for +1. If you can get the better team, who is up 2-0 on the series, at a +1 you hop all over it. I might put my whole paycheck on this, responsibly.

I like the Suns on the road in LA, unfortunately most books have Phoenix at +7. If you are no fun and want to ride with the Lakers, you can get them at -5. These betting odds are SHOCKINGLY low.

This Denver V Portland series has some real potential to go seven games. These two teams are very close. Dame feels a type of way and Jokic is the MVP. Can’t miss TV. In a series that is going to be this close if you can get range that’s ideal. Do you like the Nuggets to steal game three in Portland. Bang you can get them at +4. Oh you think the Blazers go up 2-1? Here you can get them at -1.

Don’t buy points on NBA games. Do a bit of searching, or use a reliable and easy to use site for all your betting odds needs like I do.

I’ll be riding with the Bucks +1, Lakers -5 and Nuggets +4. I’m expecting a lot of success heading into a long holiday weekend. Hopefully, you take these picks and have yourself a night.

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