We Need To Talk About Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram Post

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So Chris Hemsworth posted an instagram picture today and it’s making it’s way through the internet. It’s an adorable post with a fantastic dad joke tossed in there.

Just prefect. Being a fantastic dad and I imagine walking around holding Thor’s hand has to make you feel bullet proof. One (well two) small issue/s here. Why is Chris Hemsworth legs look like Kevin Durant’s? I am not one to work out shame. You are out there grinding in the gym. Do you. Hell, I’ve got little skinny calves myself. But I’m also not an actual super hero. Hemsworth’s job is to be in unbelievable shape and smash aliens or monsters or whatever Thor kills. Look at that tricep. Which by the way, side note, he mush be crushing his son’s hand popping that horseshoe like that. Hope his son is a righty.

But anyway, you’re telling me Hemsworth can’t mix in a leg day here and there. At this point he’s so massive up top, he could just do body weight squats and it would be the same as you or loading up a barbell. And once again, no workout shaming here, leg day stinks, only hardos pretend they love leg day. But you can’t be this disproportionally large. Thor up top and pre bitten by a spider spiderman on the bottom. Makes no sense, looks like a cartoon character.

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