The Falcons Would Be Foolish Not To Take This Blockbuster Package From The Patriots

Atlanta has literally zero leverage with Julio Jones at the moment, after Shannon Sharpe ambushed him into clowning on the Cowboys and refusing to lift his socially distant mandate from the Falcons live on a midday TV show yesterday.

Some may recall the moment the New England Patriots murdered the entire Atlanta Falcons franchise. What was left of it anyways. It’s probably the #1 Atlanta Falcons memory for everyone alive on this planet right now. If you played word association with the Atlanta Falcons, probably minimum 90% of the gut reactions would just be “28-3”.

28-3 jokes are so evergreen, so iconic, because of the story they represent. The fact that anyone would lose a football game being up 28-3 in the third quarter is bananas, so the fact that that’s exactly what happened is a helluva story to pass on to generations and generations of little Massholes. 28-3 jokes are better than say, some random score like 41-33, because it tells a story of perseverance, overcoming unfathomable odds to achieve the highest honor. But as Patriots fans, they should be on the chopping block.

Having a roster featuring Cam Newton, Julio Jones, and Gunner Olszewski is something I need to experience. Certainly worth the small price of not being able to retweet @ChiefTwopointoh, and we get Julio Jones straight up. Fuck it, take N’Keal Harry on the way out too.

For a Falcons fan that’s a huge steal. On that side, 28-3 jokes have to be insufferable. I have not heard one funny 28-3 joke, but no comeback quite works……… At this moment in time I’d rather be a Cleveland Browns fan than an Atlanta Falcons fan. The misery isn’t a bit anymore. When the Browns stink, they STINK. The Bengals are a franchise that is better when it is bad. They always say the opposite of love is indifference, and the Atlanta Falcons might be the most irrelevant franchise in the NFL.

So when you’re asking for a 2nd round pick for Julio Jones and Bill Belichick is on the line you might want to consider a 4th and the inability of any Boston sports fan to make a 28-3 joke again. Think about it Atlanta. Might be the biggest fleece of all time.

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