Tristan Jarry What Is You Doing?


Ooof, what a bone head play here by Jarry to cost his team the game. I hate the Penguins, I have no choice but to hate them being a Flyers fan. Typically, I would be dancing on the graves of the Penguins fans as they are now on the brink of elimination. I won’t be doing that here though because I’m going to be the bigger man….I’m also pissed off though because I had money on the Penguins winning so thanks a lot Jarry. He must be on the #FadeWalsh wagon.

Seriously though, how the hell do you make this kind of play in double overtime? Like what the hell was he thinking?!? All he had to do was toss it up the boards, everyone knows you never throw the puck back up the middle of the ice.

Josh Bailey capitalized and now the Penguins have to go onto Long Island on Wednesday to try and keep the series alive.

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