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I am one of the biggest fans of Connor McDavid he’s a generational talent and I’ve referred to him as our generations Gretzky on more than one occasion. That being said, I’m also not an idiot and I’m not afraid to say someone sucks when it’s pretty obvious. 

Through the first three games of the Edmonton Oilers playoff series against the Winnipeg Jets McDavid has been almost nonexistent. 

Yes, I know he just had three assist last night. But he hasn’t even been close to the guy we were seeing in the regular season that finished with 104 points. Has Winnipeg figured out the key to stopping McDavid? Is it just a few bad games? What’s going on here, what’s the real reason McDavid is struggling?

Most people are probably gonna say the Oilers are just playing bad right now and that’s the reason McDavid isn’t producing. I’m here to throw out a hot take that most won’t agree with…

What if McDavid just isn’t a playoff performer. It’s crazy to even say that right? Well when you look at his career playoff numbers it might not be all that hot of a take. In 20 career playoff games McDavid has 21 points. Some would say well that’s at least a point a game. You’re not wrong, however for how good McDavid is he should be producing a lot more in these big games. 

Edmonton is only as good as McDavid and Draisaitl. These two are the workhorses for the team and if they aren’t producing, the Oilers aren’t winning. It’s clear the Oilers lack the depth you need to compete in the playoffs but as an Oilers fan you have to be a little concerned about the lack of production out of McDavid. 

The Oilers will need their captain to step up in a big way tonight in order to avoid being swept. I don’t see Edmonton going down without a fight tonight but if Winnipeg keeps McDavid off the scoresheet, the Jets could be on their way to the next round.

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