Betting On NBA Playoff Games

What. A. Weekend.

NBA Playoffs are in full swing and every game was awesome. The only thing that could make them better is if you won some money on them.

Did you take Celtics ML because you thought Tatum would score 80? Did you take every Over because it’s no fun betting Unders? If you’re wallet is a little lighter don’t worry, I’ve got some NBA picks for tonight’s game that are *chefs kiss* perfect.

First up, Bucks V Heat. The line is Bucks -4.5 right now and it feels like bait. Bucks just won a hard fought game Saturday against the team that ended their championship hopes in the bubble. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bucks won and went up 2-0. I would be shocked if the Heat lost by 5, though. Heat +4.5 seems like it is the most obvious bet to me. Tell me a world where this guy loses by 5 to go down 2-0.

Heading out West we have Denver V Portland. The Nuggets are down 1-0 and I think that is a direct result of the Denver fans booing Melo last game.

Denver is favorited by just a bit (-1.5) and I think it’s the right call. They’ve been playing great ball since Murray got hurt and they have the MVP on their team I have a feeling they not only win this game but cover, easily.

There you go, two freebie NBA picks from me to you. Make sure you are having fun watching the games while ALSO having fun winning some money (responsibly).

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