Five Thirty Eight Gives The Sixers The Best Chance To Make The Finals

Nothing better than playoff basketball hype. Sunday 1 pm can’t get here soon enough. But until we get there I’m going to read everything and anything that has projections on it. Today I popped open Five Thirty Eight to see what they have for the playoffs and boy was I not disappointed.

So according to FTE the Sixers right now have the best chance of making the conference finals at 79%, that’s 23% higher than the next closest team. But most importantly they give the Sixers a 46% chance of making the Finals. Hugh numbers, especially when Vegas still doesn’t have them as the favorites to win the East, behind Brooklyn. Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself buuuuuuuuuut 21% chance of winning the entire thing????? I’ll take that for Doc’s first year in charge.

First things first though, the Washington Wizards. Sixers swept the season series 3-0 with victory margins of 6, 5 and most recently 26. I don’t think the Sixers go 4-0 against Washington, but I don’t see how the Wizards win more than 1 game. Embiid is simply unstoppable and if the squad stays healthy, they will be a wagon. This entire playoffs comes down to a showdown with the winner of Brooklyn and Milwaukee. Without home court I’d be terrified but I’m feeling calmly optimistic that we might just pull this off.

Sunday, get here already. Until then, retweet this tweet

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