Where Will Jack Eichel Land?


One of the biggest stories as we get closer to the NHL off-season is coming out of Buffalo. Finishing with the worst record in the league in what was an extremely disappointing year not much went right for Buffalo this season.

Now, as they look ahead to the future things aren’t looking all that bright. Sure they’re going to have a top draft pick and they have some solid young players. But Sabres fans have been suffering for years now and they were supposed to be on the upward trend. After all they have an all star caliber center in Jack Eichel at least for now…

It’s well known that Eichel isn’t happy and while he hasn’t asked for a trade he doesn’t want to be in Buffalo. So could we see the former 2nd overall pick moved this off-season? Where could be a logical place he ends up?

Boston Bruins:

The Bruins make the most sense for a bunch of reasons. The most obvious one is that Eichel is a Massachusetts guy. He grew up there and then played college hockey at Boston University. Who wouldn’t love to go back home and play in a place closer to their family. Another reason is that Boston is a legit contender year in and year out. You can only take so much losing before it gets to you and just drives you insane. I’m sure that’s what’s happening here with Eichel. If the opportunity to play for a winner came up you can guarantee he would love the idea. Factor in those two things along with the fact that Patrice Bergeron is getting older. Boston seems to be the perfect fit for Eichel who could easily step in and be their top center.

New York Rangers

Imagine if he were to stay in New York? You’d have to think he would immediately become public enemy number one to Sabres fans. The Rangers could easily pull off a package to land Eichel as they have plenty of assets. The Rangers do have Mika Zibanejad as well as Alexis Lafreniere up the middle but adding Eichel to a top line with Artemi Panarin would be deadly. It would also give them much more depth up the middle and only expedite their rebuild.

Los Angeles Kings

I think this is the most unlikely one because Eichel seems to prefer playing in the East. However, as we all know you can never say never when it comes to trades. The Kings are another team with loads of assets they could unload and GM Rob Blake has made it clear that he wants to win. Players on the current team have also expressed their anger with losing and what better way to help get back to winning than acquiring an elite center. The Kings have some young talent they can build around even if they made a trade for Eichel. I just don’t see him wanting to go to another team that isn’t an immediate contender.

Those are the three teams that I think have the best chances to land Eichel as of now. Obviously there will be plenty of teams calling about him but in the end it comes down to if Buffalo is actually willing to move him this off-season. While Eichel may want out, the Sabres may hold out and wait until the season begins or even as far as next offseason before making a deal.

It’ll be fun to follow this story and the rumors during this off-season. Of course if anything happens or there’s any new developments I’ll write about it so make sure to follow.

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