Lebron Wants Us To Think This Title Run Means More Than It Actually Does

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed that Lebron has been doing a whole lot of talking regarding this years post season.

We talked about this on the newest episode of Drunk Off PNR (Click here to listen to the full episode)

Lebron says he’ll never be 100%. He suddenly hates the Play In now that he has to play in it. He complains that Solomon Hill dove at his legs (he didn’t). He is now saying Curry is the MVP. Really convenient to say the guy who’s clearly not the MVP is the MVP right before you play him in the play ins. Just like I said in that clip, if the Lakers win the title this year, Lebron is going to hype this up as the hardest title he has ever won because he did it as a 7th seed, even though the Lakers have either the easiest or second easiest path to the Finals. This is just what this guy does, it’s an ego thing. Don’t get me wrong I would probably do the same thing but it’s just so very clear what he’s doing AND ITS GOING TO WORK! I think that’s the maddening part. If the Lakers win the talking heads will latch on to this misguided narrative like the leaches they are.

Listen, winning a title is impressive regardless. You don’t need to preemptively make excuses, just win.

I want to be clear, if the Lakers or Sixers win the Championship I will call this a fake title so it doesn’t even matter what excuse Lebron gives me. Signed, a bitter Celtics fan.

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