This Girl Definitely Caught A Murder On Tik Tok

I love Tik Tok because it’s complete madness. Some of the funniest, weirdest and interesting content you’ll see anywhere. Example 637821636 this girl going through a bunch of clothes she bought at a thrift store and her neighbor sounds like she is being brutally murdered.

First off, when she goes this shirt. That is not a shirt. Clear as day not a shirt. Secondly get your camera looking outside. You could be a hero in this story girl, there is no time to dilly dally with some jorts. See something say something. In this case, hear a woman having her arms cut off, record something.

And if you are looking for a part 2/update on the story, don’t worry I got you.

THAT’S IT!!?! That’s the update. Hey someone might be getting killed within a 200 foot radius of me but anyway back to this new fit I’m working on. What are we doing here? I need details, I need updates. Who is/was this woman? Who wanted her dead? Why are you buying so much shit from the thrift store?


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