Barstool Smitty is playing for the Delco Degenerate Softball League

This Sunday was a moment in history for the Delco Degenerate Softball League (DDSL) for no other then the one and only Barstool Smitty showed up to play in his first two games, and it was absolute mayhem.

Smitty came out and played in two games alongside the Alcoballics and the Good Brothers.

Final Stats: 2 games played – 1-1 record – 4-7 at the plate – 1 Delco Steak consumed – 1 fist fight witnessed – 1 arrival from police – 0 (known) DUI’s – Delco stench washed off within 16 hours

-Barstool Smitty from Barstool Sports

The day couldn’t have gone better. Smitty really got a feel for what Delco is about. Both games he played in had an electric vibe. The first game Smitty played in with the Alcoballics a random fight broke out between a group of local rugrats who had to be no older then 12 years old.

Absolute hall of fame DDSL moment when local hero Brendan “Chop” Phillips who is currently on the force showed up to the game he was supposed to be playing in but couldn’t because he was busy protecting and serving. Lucky for us he patrols the area. Chop being the athlete he is ran up and got in the middle of these terror children breaking it up and stopping them from murdering each other. No children were arrested, however I do think a Beyond Scared Straight type of program definitely wouldn’t hurt their future.

In his second game as you just saw if you watched that video there was a bad call made by the ump. Which in turn made the Good Brothers retaliate in the only way they know how, accusations of domestic abuse.

The league just continues to grow and soon enough Delco will be a household name, and it will be because of the DDSL. Not that dirt SNL skit that I refuse to link. Barstool giving us attention has always been the dream. They have the audience, we have the content; a match made in heaven. We are so happy to have Smitty on board and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

Smitty’s blog about the DDSL:

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