La Salle* Baseball has broken the SCHOOL RECORD for wins – @JamesSantore

Yeah. That same team that I have been incessantly tweeting and blogging about for the past seven months is now the BEST TEAM IN LA SALLE’S 74-YEAR HISTORY. 

The same team that was told that they would have to leave La Salle and find a new home after this season is now 32-17 with one weekend series left and a chance to host the Atlantic 10 playoffs at La Salle for the first time in school history.

And although they continue to play beyond any and all expectations while wearing La Salle boldly across their chests, there has been radio silence from the school that they are “proudly” representing.

So since they won’t inform the general public about this team’s unbelievable resilience and success, this blog is here to make sure the world knows that La Salle Baseball is the best story in all of baseball. And sooner or later, the right person is going to see that and help us bring this damn team back for eternity.

Share this out everywhere you can. Because the world deserves to know about this team. And the arbiter of their future doesn’t seem to want you to know. 


SAVE LA SALLE BASEBALL. Because this is about more than just a baseball team…


Email me at if you would like to support the cause. We are well over halfway to the low-end of our $1m target and are working hard to get as close to $2m as possible.

If you would like to follow and receive updates on the cause, please follow me @JamesSantore on Twitter and Instagram and @SaveLaSalleBaseball on Instagram.

You can also support the cause by purchasing one of the absolutely fire t-shirts below (all proceeds go to #SaveLaSalleBASE – click on the shirt or this sentence to buy one).

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