Former Blackhawks Player Accusing Coach Of Sexual Assault


The Chicago Blackhawks organization finds themselves in hot water and this time not for their controversial name.

A former player from the 2010 Stanley Cup team is accusing a former coach of sexually assaulting him and a teammate during the 2010 Stanley Cup run.

The player filed a lawsuit last week and remains unnamed. The accusations are against a former assistant coach who has been convicted of a sex crime and is now a registered sex offender. In the lawsuit the player claims to have brought the incident to the attention of the team only for it to be discredited.

As you can see from the image above from the original article the coach has been identified and the actions he allegedly committed. Also, according to the article he was sending inappropriate text messages threatening the former player if he did not engage in sexual activities.

A spokesman for the Blackhawks stated that when the original claims were brought to the attention of the team they “lacked merit.”

Aldrich has denied the allegations and the Blackhawks doubled down on the lacks merit statement…

Look, whether this is something that is true or not the Blackhawks should’ve just made this their statement… “We take the allegations seriously and as this is a pending litigation matter it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.” There is no need to say anything about the claims lacking merit especially when the guy being accused is already a registered sex offender.

Whether the claims end up being true or not for the Blackhawks organization to completely discredit the claims is just ignorant.

This isn’t the first time the organization has had a sexual assault allegation against them. I think everyone remembers Patrick Kane being accused of rape back in 2015. That case ended without charges being brought against Kane but nonetheless it was still concerning.

The other big concerning part about this allegation is the lack of help the teams own mental skills coach offered.

Again this just seems problematic to me. If the guy thought the claim was not legit he most certainly could have handled it better. But to go an blame the alleged victim that it was his fault is just not right.

The player also brought up these allegations to the NHLPA and they did nothing about it either.

Overall this could potentially be very ugly for the Blackhawks organization if the allegations end up being true. Even if they aren’t true the mishandling of the situation is still concerning. Whether you’re a male or female anytime you make a claim of sexual abuse in any way it should be taken seriously and a proper investigation should occur. That clearly doesn’t seem to be the case here and now that it wasn’t handled properly in 2010, Aldrich was able to commit another sex crime and there’s another victim that could have potentially been avoided.

Obviously, this is a pretty new story and I’m sure we will find out some more information in the coming weeks. Hopefully, there is a proper investigation this time around and we find out the truth about what happened.

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