Zach Wilson’s Mom Says “Snapchat Is For Whores” But Does She Have A Point?

From her somehow unverified account “@lifeaccording2lisa”, new Jets QB’s Zach Wilson’s mom story looked like this on a random Tuesday in May.

Pray for us all after a week 7 loss to the Bengals after Zach Wilson throws 3 picks and starts getting meme’d. This has major maternal Mahomes fiance vibes.

Around story 37, just mere moments after she advised parents to teach their kids not to be dicks, Lisa gives a live review of Snapchat to her 12 year old daughter.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Should a mother of 6 be posting morse code IG stories over the course of 21 hours including sponsored lip liner posts and convincing her 12 year old daughter that Snapchat is for whores? Of course not. Only Bronny Jr can begin to understand the awkwardness of clicking on your parents’ story only to see that first little dash the size of a tic tac. However that’s not what I was thinking.

Nothing at all against whores, but there’s nothing wholesome happening on Snapchat in the year 2021. I haven’t seen a puppy filter in years.

That being said I am absolutely terrified of Zach Wilson’s mom. You’d think with a mom like that Zach might be more comfortable being afraid for his life. The inevitable feud between Mrs. Wilson and Jets fans has me more excited than any Jets game on the schedule.


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