There’s No Chance Eichel Is Back In Buffalo


I mean if you’re a Sabres fan this can’t be a good sign. Eichel has missed most of this season with an injury and it was an extremely disappointing year for the Sabres. They went out and signed Taylor Hall hoping that would help only for him to do basically nothing before getting traded to Boston. Now that the season is just about over for them, their supposed to be franchise player comes out and says there’s a major disconnect between him and the organization…


This isn’t really new news as there have been rumors around Eichel for sometime now. Still though this isn’t what you want to hear if you’re a Sabres fan.

To me I’ll be shocked if Eichel is back with Buffalo for the start of next season. There’s more than a few teams that will definitely make some calls and I’d have to think Buffalo would be open to making the move. The fact that he even comes out and says “I have to get ready for next season wherever that might be.” Not a good sign for Buffalo and this off-season for them is going to be very interesting.

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