You Might Get Hit By A Chinese Rocket This Weekend


Chalk this up to things I didn’t think I would be worried about this weekend. So I am scrolling through Twitter and on the trending topics page I see this article…>>>>NY Times

Apparently there is a piece of the largest Chinese Rocket free falling out of control in space right now.


Why is this not a bigger story and why am I just hearing about this a day before this thing is about to hit the earth?!?!?

I mean the chances of this thing actually hitting something and becoming a major problem are low but they aren’t zero. From what I read Chicago is safe but New York might get some debris from it and as someone that lives somewhat close to New York I feel like I should be worried. Especially with the kind of luck that i’ve been having I’d be willing to bet this rocket goes out of its way to find me and hit my apartment directly.

So in lieu of my inevitable demise this weekend, I will be preparing myself by drinking all the beers left in my apartment. I’m sure everything will be fine though and this wont be anything we should actually worry about…


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