Save LaSalle Baseball Gear To Support The Cause #SaveLaSalleBase

First and foremost, shout out to James for doing what he is doing. He is singlehandedly saving this program with inspiring determination.

So inspiring that I shot him a note and said I want Branded to get involved to help save this program. So I reached out to the guys at DSGN Tree and said we need some LaSalle merch. We need some gear that we can sale and donate the profits to the program. And DSGN, as always, didn’t disappoint.

SUPPORT LaSalle Baseball HERE

So here’s the deal, we’ve got blue and gold options, with some other great shirts coming soon! I, CEO Joe, will be donating, EVERY SINGLE PENNY made from these sales to the Save LaSalle Baseball Fund. So click the link and buy a sweet shirt. Maybe you already donated, it’s friday, pay day. Buy yourself a shirt and donate some more. Buy one for your friends, family, strangers in the street.

Also use promo code: DSGN10 and you’ll get 10% off your entire order.

Once again, tip my cap to James, he’s doing an unbelievable job and I want to do my part to help. If we could sell 1,000s I’d love to put a huge dent in this number. So even if you can’t afford one, share the link to someone that might. Every retweet and share help!

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[…] Save LaSalle Baseball Gear To Support The Cause #SaveLaSalleBase […]