Apparently Brian Westbrook Died

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Scrolling through Twitter and saw the tweet below pop up.

Now one of two things happened here. 1. The guy that got this jersey made completely forgot Brian Westbrook’s number. A wild mistake for someone that would call themselves an Eagles fan. One of the greatest running backs to ever play for the franchise.

Or 2. This custom jersey was made with the number 37 because this guy’s last name is also Westbrook. Just a classic ugly custom jersey where someone slaps their name on the back.

Also, if you’re looking to get a jersey, please don’t get one with your name on the back. Unless it’s for a kid under the age of 12, it looks ridiculous.

But anyway, as I’m reading this tweet’s comments someone posted this:

Google, what are we doing here? Dead? Westbrook is 41, he probably could still get at least 700 all purpose yards today. Someone needs to fix this ASAP. Put some respect in Brian’s name. He’s a damn legend.

Go Birds

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