Eagles DB Elijah Riley Has Some Hands

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Before all you loser haters jump in with, “this isn’t impressive.” or “I could do that.” No you couldn’t. The guy is catching two separate balls, moving in two separate directions and he’s doing it with surgeon like precision. And when it comes to DBs in this town, we could use all the help we can get. Elijah didn’t play for the Eagles last year but will have an opportunity to make the team in 2021. He’s a $780,000 cap hit this year so in terms of money, he’s a very attractive option.

Also dude was a baller in college. Career starter and making big plays against teams like Notre Dame. Top it off with he was a finalist for the Jim Thorpe award, aka the best DB in the country. He hits hard and plays fast. This guy should log snaps this year if the Eagles secondary stays the way it is. I’d love to watch him get time and have an opportunity to shine. He is the type of guy that can contribute in crunch time for this squad with a huge forced fumble when some receiver isn’t paying attention.

As always, Go Birds!!

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