Be A Real Shame If Crosby Gets Suspended For This…


I mean Crosby tries to slam Konecny head first into the ice here right? It’s not as bad as what Wilson did the other night but while we’re at it here trying to get Wilson kicked out of the league why not just add Crosby to the list…

This type of behavior should not be tolerated and I for one will not stand for it! Suspend him, fine him, KICK HIM OFF THE TOUR DOUG!!!!

If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not seriously saying Crosby should be suspended. Yes, it was a somewhat dirty play but Crosby and TK were just tangled up and both going at each other. It’s nothing more than a hockey play and I hate that I have to explain this because some idiots are probably going to think I’m serious.

In all seriousness though while I think the Tom Wilson should have resulted in a suspension, the fact that the Rangers are being whiney little bitches about it is ridiculous. He was fined and if they are really unhappy with the result then tonight when Wilson steps on the ice someone on the Rangers should challenge him. That’s how hockey works you don’t like a hit someone throws or something they did? Challenge them to a fight try to beat the piss out of him and serve your five minute major.

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