Not So Shocking News: Tom Wilson Is Still A Scumbag


Yup, you guessed it Tom Wilson is still a piece of shit and last night he proved it once again. I mean this dude is just the absolute worst. I really don’t know how anyone can even try to defend him anymore. He has been suspended countless times already and he is making a case to be the dirtiest player in the history of the league. Wilson is now right next to Matt Cooke as the biggest scumbags that have played in the last 15 years.

Look at this, regardless of if you are a Rangers fan or not this is just an insanely dangerous and stupid move by Wilson. Panarin could have been seriously injured here and its pretty clear that was Wilsons intention. The dude is an absolute clown and should be suspended for the rest of the year.

The Rangers and their coach were very unhappy as one would expect after the game.

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