I’m Obsessed With Watching This Guy React To Phillies Home Run

The Phillies just won, first time winning back to backs in what feels like forever. David Hale tried really hard to blow the game by giving up 3 earned runs while recording….*checks notes* ZERO outs. Great work there buddy.

But once again, they hang on and win. The really story line here though is I found this young man on Tik Tok making Phillies videos and I’m officially obsessed with these.

MORE!!!!! More more more. This kid sounds like he is seeing his first home run ever and I can’t get enough of it. McCutchen hits that home run and this guy can’t wrap his mind around it. “He’s having the time of his life!!!” What a call. Move over Tom McCarthy, this dude is nipping at your heels. I will be checking into this kid’s tik toks every Phillies game from now until the end of time. His excitement is so pure and infectious.

PS: The Phillies have never lost a game since I’ve found his Tik Tok account (once again, I found it tonight, after they won but whatever. Still correct.)

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