Dear Comcast, Sell The Team


Yesterday the Flyers beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer Sam Carchidi posted his story/interview with the Chairman of the Flyers Dave Scott and I have some thoughts.

Since the passing of Ed Snider the Flyers have been being run by Comcast and their corporate assholes. Dave Scott is so out of touch with this team and this fan base it is beyond frustrating. This interview and his comments only proved that even further.

Instead of having a full press conference where multiple media members could ask him questions he did what he has always done and hid behind the Inquirer.

After reading through the article all it sounded like to me was Chuck Fletcher gave Scott note cards with what to say and he just read them word for word. Scott has never been a hockey guy and he trust the guys he put in charge to get the job done. Look, that’s all fine and dandy but as the owner of the team this fan base wants you to be more hands on. We’re accustomed to when things where going really bad Ed Snider would come out and say something to try and light a fire under the teams ass. Dave Scott has never done that and he never will. Why? Because he doesn’t give a shit.

As long as he’s making his money and he can get to his 10am tee time he couldn’t care less about what the Flyers record is. He can save his “I feel for the fans..” bullshit because he doesn’t give a rats ass about this fan base. The only time he is going to start caring is if the fans stop putting the money out to watch this team. Which if things don’t change this off-season that is going to become more of a reality because ticket sales are very much suffering right now even with a limited amount. Nobody wants to pay to see this team and I don’t blame them. I swear to god if I get one more call/email about we want you back as a season ticket holder I’m going to lose my mind.

I love the Flyers, always have and always will. But when Ed Snider died, the true identity of the Flyers organization went with him. Right now it just feels like another major sports team that’s run by a bunch of stuck up rich shitheads. Changes need to be made to this team and if they don’t happen this off-season, then as long as this current management group owns the team the Flyers will never be anything but mediocre.

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