The Delco Degenerate Softball League is back.

The Delco Degenerate Softball League (DDSL) is back for their second summer season. These Delco scumbags have had a long painful winter. A constant routine of working their blue collared jobs and going home to a couch, a beer, and a woman that doesn’t love them. Finally spring has sprung and these dirtballs are climbing out of the wood work.

Welcome Back.

The DDSL‘s home opener took place May 2nd at a plethora of fields through out the Delaware County area and the vibe was absolutely electric. You could feel the anticipation these kids had for this very moment. It really is something special. Friend groups from all different towns banding together to out play and out drink neighboring towns in the county.

Last year the DDSL was created by a group of delco kids who originally joined an established league, but that league was cancelled due to covid, thus creating the DDSL. Now onto only its second year the DDSL has grown to the biggest league in PA with 50 boy teams and 12 girl. The league plans to continue its growth and is extremely excited to work with all of Delco’s small businesses and creative minds. This summer is sure to be a show.

If you are interested in the DDSL you can follow them on twitter and instagram.



The DDSL also has a podcast called “Uncut Diamond” ran by a few key players that you can check out on youtube and sound cloud.



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