Jabril Cox Starting Up With Eagles Fans Already

So Jabril Cox got drafted in the 4th round by the Cowboys. He was a huge still for Dallas I won’t even pretend like he was a bad pick. I wanted the Eagles to take him when he started to slip and he didn’t Too bad, too sad. We move on.

But then I saw this non sense.

First off, I get it. Cowboys vs Eagles, one of the better rivalries in football. Even when they are in a done year like last year, still a good football rivalry. And I love players talking trash to beef up the intensity of the games. So normally I’d be all for this, just one problem. YOU PLAY FOR THE COWBOYS NOT THE GIANTS YOU IDIOT. Why wouldn’t you post a picture of yourself and say ‘getting drafted by the cowboys vs the eagles.’ Makes ZERO sense. And if I were a Cowboys fan (gross) I’d be thinking the same thing.

Do you just hate the Eagles? Do you not understand that the Giants also play in the division? Are you rooting for the Washington Football team too? Can not wait until DeVonta Smith goes bananas all over Jabril at the Linc this year. Well, maybe not this year seeing as Jabril Cox might not get enough playing time for a 6-10 team but definitely in the future.

Can’t wait for football season….Go Birds!

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