10 Years Ago An Iconic Phillies Baseball Moment Happened

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One of the wildest moments in Phillies baseball history. This is big time, remember where you were moment stuff.

Chills all over again. I was just removed from college, working a handful of part time jobs until I could find something full time. I mention that because that left a lot of time to hang out with buddies, drink a million beers and watch baseball. I’ll never be a more knowledgable baseball fan as I was from 2007-2012. That window I knew everything and watched almost every Phillies game. So of course I was watching them play in prime time on ESPN.

When the USA chants started happening, the announcers didn’t address it right away because like all of us, they were trying to figure out what’s going on. And at one point Murphy stepped out of the batters, looked around the crowd and was bewildered. And in the clip above it came out later that they had to tell Ryan Madson why everyone was yelling USA as well.

A weird but amazing moment. Cheering for people to die is usually never good buuuuuut. When it’s an all time bag of shit like Bin Laden and it’s been 10 years in the making. Yeah, it’s a time to celebrate. Ten years later, we’ve got Phillies Mets baseball tonight. Time is a flat circle.

Now can we please get back to dominating baseball in the city of Philadelphia? Please.

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