It’s Draft Day And I’m Ready To Be Hurt(s) Again


First and foremost we’re gonna start this blog off with a nice little cheap plug for tonight’s Branded Sports live stream…

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Now, as an Eagles fan my expectations for tonight are extremely low like literally the lowest of lows. If your an Eagles fan and you have high hopes for how this night goes I need to know your reasoning because I have zero faith in the people in charge of getting us back to being a Super Bowl contender.

Currently the Eagles have the 12th overall pick after stupidly trading back from the 6th overall pick. No, I am still not over it and you can’t sell me on it being a good deal especially when there’s still rumors of them wanting to trade back into the top ten. I know these last few days we have been getting a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to some of the things being leaked out there but where there’s smoke there’s fire and thats what has me worried.

CEO Joe said it best in his blog about the possibility of the Eagles drafting DE Kwity Paye from Michigan at 12 which you can read here(Click Here). This is just the kind of stupid thing that Howie would do on draft night because he wants to try and look smarter than he is. Paye is most likely gonna be a great player but at 12 he is not the guy the Eagles should be taking. If they truly want him, then they need to trade back and if they do that then fine but don’t reach on this guy because the last two times you’ve tried it you’ve looked like an idiot.

I don’t think enough is being made about the rumors of the Eagles trading back into the top ten either. People aren’t talking about it enough and I think it’s a very realistic possibility. Now, most people probably think if they are gonna trade back up its going to be for one of the top WR which if thats the case I absolutely would love that, I just don’t believe Howie has any intention of trading up to draft a WR to help Hurts. Instead, I think Howie really wants to trade up to draft a QB to replace Hurts. Why?


But seriously if one of the QB’s they are interested in doesn’t go in the top 5 I really think Howie would try and trade up to draft one. They already tried moving up to draft a QB before they traded with the Dolphins to move to 12 so don’t think its completely out of the picture.

Look I really hope this isn’t another miserable draft year for the Birds but after the last few years its so hard to think they will actually get it right. All I ask is if the guys that I want aren’t there which one of them should be (Smith, Waddle, Horn, Chase.) Then please for the love of god just make the smart pick and don’t try and reach, either make the smart pick or trade back. I don’t want to have another NFL team laughing at us because some stud player fell into their lap when we decided to take the 3rd string WR on Arizona State at 12 who we could’ve signed as an undrafted free agent.

Howie I am begging you, DONT SCREW THIS UP!!!!

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