DeVonta Smith Stock Falling After This Leaked Image


WOW!!!!! Unreal how something like this could leak on draft day. I for one am shocked that Smith would use this type of actions to express how he was feeling.

If you’re one of those 11 teams on that list I don’t know how you can draft this guy I mean this is just totally unacceptable.

If you’re the team picking at 12 though I mean this guy is gonna fall right into your lap you can’t pass up on this pick. Seriously the only team that should draft this guy is the team picking at 12 as of this writing…AKA The Philadelphia Eagles.

Yes, I know this is clickbait but I really want DeVonta Smith on the Birds and I’m doing my part to make that happen if you don’t like it well…

PS: Dont forget to check out the Branded Sports draft show that will be live tonight on all of our platforms for the entire first round..

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Featured Image-The Spun

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