Here’s a Resurfaced Video Of A Sloppy Drunk Mac Jones That No One Will Care About Because He Is Not Justin Fields

After Trevor Lawrence there’s no consensus ranking of the remaining 800 QBs that will undoubtedly be taken in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, which really isn’t a good sign for any of them. Most people are generally agreeing that the Jets will take Zach Wilson at 2 and that the 49ers made their move for what they hope is their new franchise QB Mac Jones. Justin Fields, Trey Lance, even Kyle Trask would not surprise anyone really no matter where they are taken.

As the day of the actual draft approaches, there is always an old viral video or two that pop up with the goal of destroying one of these young man’s careers. Luckily for Mac Jones, no one seems to give a fuck.

At a glance there’s really nothing wrong with this video. I can already see the comment section:

“Give him a break he’s just being a drunk college kid!”

“What’s next we’re canceling Captain Morgan??”


“You don’t need abs to be an NFL QB!”

But Mac Jones already has a DUI on his record after a 2017 car accident under the influence and with a fake ID. I haven’t really even heard this mentioned in much coverage leading up to the draft. Jimmy G’s injury history is more worrisome for the 49ers than Mac Jones’ potential alcohol issues. That is, if either of them are alive tomorrow when the draft kicks off.

What anyone does at 19 years old should not define the rest of their life (with a few exceptions). That being said if this was Justin Fields he would have already dropped to the 3rd round. Someone make it make sense.


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