DeVonta Smith Would Love To Be An Eagle

From DeVonta’s lips to God’s ears. Make it happen Howie. The wide receiver that was a monster at Alabama was interviewing with Jeff Kerr os CBS Sports and was asked about the possibility of playing with Jalen Hurts again.

“It would be great. Jalen is a very talented QB and I’d love to play with him again,” Smith told Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports. “He’s a competitor and is going to give you a chance to win every game.”

That’s it, that’s all I needed to hear. He wants to be a Philadelphia Eagle and there isn’t any two ways about it. He wants to be drafted, play out a hall of fame career and retire an Eagle. He and Jalen will become the next Peyton and Marvin. They will break every record, they will build statues for them. After they retire together with 10 Super Bowl rings each they will open up a series of small businesses together. They will raise their children on the Main Line and in 2044, both of their kids will be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. Rise and repeat.

It is decided.

But serious Howie, please don’t fuck this up. Draft DeVonta Smith. Please.

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