Latest Eagles Draft Buzz Has Me Scared

If I as an Eagles fan has gotten use to one thing over the years, it’s the Eagles just breaking my heart on draft night. Pretty use to it. Some might say I’ve almost become comfortable with it at this point. You might be right. But every year after being upset I also sell myself on all picks. It’s a weird song and dance I unfortunately have to do.

But the latest rumors on who the eagles like and might take at 12 has me already upset and nervous. More than normal.

PFN: Howie Rosman and the Eagles are known to pull a surprise or two on draft day — so who could it be this year?

(12:55 PM ET) I’m told the team loves Kwity Paye, the edge rusher from Michigan, and view him as a clone to another former Wolverine — Brandon Graham — the Eagles’ former first-round pick. Could they take him with the 12th overall selection? I’d say right now, it’s possible.

Listen, rushers are important and this kid is athletic as hell. He’s fast and explodes off the line. My guess is he will be a decent pro in this league. WITH THAT BEING SAID. No thank you sir.

This team has too much talent on the defensive line, we don’t need another expensive player at that position. Just don’t. The Eagles have spent a stupid amount of money on the defensive line over the course of the last 3-4 years. Time to focus on some other areas on this team. Like, oh I don’t know. WIDE RECEIVERS!!!!!!!!!

This draft is going to have teams taking quarterbacks like crazy. Which is great for Philadelphia because those top tier wide receivers are going to fall to them. This simply can’t be another year of over thinking the situation. Howie, take this pass rusher’s name, count to 100, and then forget you ever heard it. Do something else. Don’t be an asshole.

Make sure to check out the Branded Draft Show this Thursday. Because if Howie fucks this up, I’m going to freak out on live camera.

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[…] the possibility of the Eagles drafting DE Kwity Paye from Michigan at 12 which you can read here(Click Here). This is just the kind of stupid thing that Howie would do on draft night because he wants to try […]