The NHL Second TV Partner Will Be…


The bidding war on the TV rights for the NHL is still ongoing but it seems to becoming clearer which network will get the rights to be the second TV partner.

As you can see it appears that NBC has officially dropped out of the running. NHLRumorsDaily had reported on this a few days back stating NBC and the NHL couldn’t agree on a price. The main problem being NBC not wanting to put out the money to have less games than what they are putting on now.

ESPN will be the leagues main TV partner and it is looking more and more that either FOX or TNT will be the second network. Nothing is official yet but with NBC dropping out those two networks appear to be the favorites.

These new TV deals are going to be great for the NHL and between ESPN and whichever other network it should help grow the game. As long as these two networks actually but effort into marketing the NHL viewership should rise and the NHL could become a lot more popular over the next few years.

TNT being a front runner is surprising to me. They have the NBA, AEW, and none One Championship but I didn’t think they would be in on the NHL.

I think we can all agree that if it’s FOX they don’t bring back the puck tracker.

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