Julio Jones To The Eagles?

I’m not reporting that Julio Jones is on his way to Philadelphia, but what I am suggesting is that the Eagles should be on the phone with Atlanta right now trying to figure out a happy median for both teams.

Julio Jones is still one of the best receivers in the game, and instantly comes in as the WR1 for Jalen Hurts. The real question is, what would the compensation be?

You’d have to think Atlanta would want a haul for Jones, but realistically not as much as they could have 2-3 years ago. Something like Brandon Brooks and a future 2nd round pick could possibly get the job done for Jones. Jones can’t be moved until June 1st due to Atlanta’s Cap situation.

If I’m the Eagles I atleast throw that offer on the table, and see where it goes. I love Brandon Brooks, but he can’t stay on the football field, and we have to get younger at the offensive line position. We would still have the 12th overall pick, and you could draft Northwestern OT/G Rashawn Slater at 12 to plug right into Brandon Brooks spot.

Don’t rip me a new one, it’s just a scenario I’d like to see. What about you?

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