Great News, Roger Goodell Is Fully Vaccinated Just In Time To Hug All Of This Years Draftees


In the one two punch from RapSheet/Schefty, a major announcement was just dropped that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has indeed been fully vaccinated just in time to express his love language of physical touch among the best teenage and young adult college athletes.

The draft absolutely has to be Goodell’s favorite day of the year. Typically his role is simple, smile awkwardly and do not get in the way. But on draft night, the action is plentiful. Not only does he usually get to stand and take in the boos from a large crowd of rowdy loser Jets fans emboldened by excessive amounts of light beer and an unexpected draft pick, but he also gets to look like people actually love and appreciate him.

These guys are so excited to be drafted and sign a rookie deal they probably wouldn’t care if Jeffrey Epstein was on stage with open arms after their name was announced. I imagine Roger goes home at the end of the night on a serotonin high from all the bro hugs and near smooches he gets on draft night. The kind of stuff that makes $40 million a year worth it. And after over a year with no bro hugs and elbow bumps, we can be sure Rog is going to live it up on Thursday night.


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