Fun Facts With Walsh (RIP Shock G)


So we had some sad news yesterday with the passing of Shock G. RIPIP to a real one who gave us the hit song The Humpty Dance which is an absolute BANGER. Have a listen to it yourself…

So as I broke the news to my coworkers I was shocked that not many people knew who he was. I was also shocked to find out that not many people know that Tupac actually got his career started with Shock G and Digital Underground.

Maybe I’m just really into this type of stuff as I love learning the history stuff about the rap game. I just thought this was more of a well known fact.

That’s my fun fact of the day, enjoy your Friday people and blast a little Humpty Dance in honor of Shock G.

“I’m steppin’ tall, y’all
And just like Humpty Dumpty
You’re gonna fall when the stereos pump me”

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