US Passes Bill To Add A 51st State And Boy Did They Miss

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So, not everyday you just add a new state to the union. Before today, the last time we added a state was back in 1959 when the US snagged Hawaii, Great pick up by the way. Been there before, no big deal I guess. And it is easily the greatest place on Earth. We googled jobs and places to live while we were there. My wife cried when we left, actual tears. It’s that good.

So that was number 50. Hard to top that, you have to really go over the top if you’re going to add another. Today the government announced they have added……drum roll please….







D.C. sucks. Yeah the museums are cool you can eat astronaut ice cream and I guess being the capitol of the country is kind of a big deal. But besides that, D.C. ain’t shit. First off, the traffic there is maybe the worst in the country. Just annoyingly slow. Second, it’s boring, don’t let anyone that does live there or has tell you different. That’s another thing too, people that used to live in D.C. love to tell you they used to live there. Like it’s some type of award. I used to do a lot of stuff I don’t do anymore, where’s my high five parade?

Back to the boring, people that live there always are like, ‘Oh there are so many cool bars.’ Oh really Jim, you know where else there are really cool bars? Every city in the OG 50. It’s a boring city.

We had the chance to really get a good one and we went with D.C. Hate it. Why couldn’t we have snagged a Caribbean Island or something? St. Thomas, St. Lucia, let’s make a play for one of those bad boys and make it a state. It’s already part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, feel like all you need is to fill out a copy pieces of paper and bang, we’ve got Hawaii East.

Big miss by government but hey, have to respect the consistency.

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