The Eagles Still Don’t Have A Starting QB


Ah yes, I’m sure this will end well for everyone involved and there will be no issues or QB controversy at all this year for the Philadelphia Eagles. After trading away the guy who was supposed to be the answer at QB in Carson Wentz, it seemed to be that this was now Jalen Hurts team. I don’t know about anyone else, but based off everything coming out so far during the offseason it sure doesn’t feel like this is Hurts team.

First the Eagles traded out of the sixth overall pick which I still don’t agree with because the same guy that has been awful at drafting is still in charge and he’s goin to screw it up regardless. Then after the trade reports came out that the Eagles were looking to trade up to draft a QB before trading back. Just recently more reports came out that the Eagles were looking to trade back up to try and get a top ten pick…….


Now today, Eagles new head coach Nick Sirianni decided that they weren’t going to name a starting QB yet. Look I know the guy is new and hasn’t had much time to evaluate everyone but as a fan to me this just feels like a repeat of what happened with Wentz. We are just about a week away from the NFL draft and I fully believe that the Eagles will be drafting a QB. I don’t think Hurts is the answer at QB and I don’t think the Eagles think he is either which is why they are still interested in drafting a QB. I have no hope for the Eagles right now and will be going into the season with that same feeling. I really hope they prove me wrong but I feel like it will be another long miserable season.

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