Claude Giroux Parties Hard


Not many things have gone right this year for the Philadelphia Flyers and it sucks. So in a down year when the team isn’t all that fun to write about it’s always nice to have a story like this come out.

On the latest episode of Spittin Chiclets former Tampa Bay Lightning forward Martin St. Louis told a little story about how great Flyers captain Claude Giroux is at drinking beer.


Claude Giroux is one of the most under appreciated athletes in Philadelphia and has been a main reason the Flyers have been even somewhat relevant for the last ten years. I will always be a Giroux supporter as the dude gives it his all night in and night out.

The rock band Theory Of A Deadman challenged the Flyers captain to a drinking contest. They found out that G not only brings it on the ice but off the ice as well. I love hearing that the dude also just pounds beers like it’s nothing and would beat probably anybody in a beer drinking contest.

Now that he is a dad and is expecting kid number two I’m sure his drinking days are a little more tamed. Nonetheless, G if you ever want to throw a few back and shoot the shit we’d love to have you on the Ginger Thread Podcast. DM’s are open..

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