Ben Davis Needs To Be Fired Immediately

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Let me first preference this by saying, I like Ben Davis. Think he does a bang up job in the booth and he’s got a smooth voice that is perfect for a summer evening spent watching Phillies baseball. Also he is from my same hometown, Aston PA and his little league coach was a family friend. RIP. Always have to root for hometown guys, I even use to put him on my N64 Ken Griffey MLB team.

With all that being said…..Ben Davis needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY

Why you ask? Because numbers don’t lie.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Joe, these is completely unrelated and who is announcing the game has nothing to do with the outcome.” You’re probably 1000000% correct. BUT, my counter argument is simple. Better to be safe than sorry. This Phillies team has the talent to win this NL East division and I just don’t think we need to risk the bad juju. Maybe we put Ben on a little leave of absence, just for a little bit. If the wins start slipping we dip our toe in the water during a series with the Rockies or another shitty team like the Yankees (@kmess22).

Here’s the best part and one of the reasons I love my Philadelphia fan base. If we get rid of Ben and they go all the way, guess who never has to pay for a beer in the city ever again? This city would honor him like a hero. He’d probably get ring. Shit if Adam Eaton got a ring, Ben Davis could definitely get one for sacrificing himself for the greater good.

PS: If you complain and take this post seriously, you’re idiot. It’s the internet, let’s have fun losers

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