A Yearly Tradition: A Dallas Cowboys Defensive Player Has Been Suspended

It’s like groundhog’s day every offseason in Dallas. It feels like every single year a Cowboys player, specifically a defensive player gets suspended…

Because it does happen every damn year.

Since 2014 the Dallas Cowboys lead the league in suspensions. Check out this list of Cowboys defensive players suspended in that time frame..

(And, this doesn’t even include offensive players… Such as Zeke Elliott who was also suspended.)

2014: Orlando Scandrick. 2 games.

2014: Jakar Hamilton. 4 games.

2014: Josh Brent. 4 games.

2015: Greg Hardy. 4 games.

2015: Rolando McClain. 4 games.

2016: Randy Gregory. 4 games.

2016: DeMarcus Lawrence. 4 games.

2016: Rolando McClain. 10 games.

2016. Randy Gregory. 10 games.

2017: David Irving. 4 games.

2017: Demontre’ Moore. 2 games

2018: David Irving. 2 games.

2019: Randy Gregory. Indefinitely.

2019: David Irving. Indefinitely.

2019: Robert Quinn. 2 games.

2020: Randy Gregory. 4 games.

And now… Welcome to 2021. You didn’t think that just because the Cowboys have Dan Quinn as their DC that this would change the suspension streak did you?


You are now a true blue Cowboys defender Rashard.

No he’s not a house hold name. No he’s not a starter. But that’s not the point. It’s just comical at this point.

I almost think that Jerry loves streaks so much that he pays some of these dudes to get suspended so he can keep the streak alive, and stay relevant somehow.

Any press is good press. And, when your team hasn’t been relevant on the field in 25 years I guess you need to stay in the news some other way.

“America’s Suspensions.”


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